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Best Diaper Changing Pads on the Market Today

Looking for a very soft, comfortable and safe changing pad? Then look no further as you will find the Naturepedic Natural Cotton Changing Pad Cover that will keep your baby very warm and comfortable while also keeping the baby’s skin very clean and safe from rashes and irritations. Your baby’s skin is your most precious asset and needs to be looked after. There are many products on the market that seem to offer great results but they can be very dangerous to your baby’s health. Here is what you will need to know about each of the products that are available on the market:

Naturepedic Natural Cotton Drying Pad – This changing pad is entirely made of organic cotton fabric, it has a thick non-slip support layer made entirely out of food-grade polyethylene, it offers firm support without a toxic support layer. The material is completely resistant to all sorts of chemicals including phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), Teflon and more. This is considered to be the best changing pads available.

Naturepedic Dressing Bag – The Amazon Mechanical Deodorizing Changing Bag is another one of the best diaper changing pads that you will find. The Amazon Mechanical Deodorizing Changing Bags is made using a very thick, high quality olefin sock liner and it features a snap closure so that your baby can easily and safely hang it up. It is completely recyclable which is great if you are concerned about the environment.

Naturepedic Quick Change Diaper Changing Table – This changing table is made out of olefin and is an extremely high quality product for changing your baby’s diapers. It is also waterproof, which makes it very convenient. This changing table also comes with two detachable changing pads that are also waterproof. The large changing tray is covered with a waterproof vinyl liner that is non slip which is great if your baby happens to get their bottom wet.

Trend Lab Baby Waffle – These waffle shaped pads have a water tight core and they are extremely absorbent. They are made out of all natural 100% cotton materials that are highly absorbent as well. The Trend Lab Baby Waffle also has a snap closure which makes it easy to put your baby in and take them out quickly. This item is very practical because you do not want to lug around a large bag of diapers when you are going out. You can put your baby in this bag and then just as easily take them out for a walk or a swim without having to worry about them being soiled.

The Naturepedic Quick Change Diaper Changing Table – This is a great option for moms that do not have a lot of time for changing their babies. It folds up small which makes it very convenient to carry around or to put in the car. It is a heavy duty changing mat which is waterproof as well. The thick vinyl covering has a waterproof liner as well which makes it ideal for any water based accidents that may occur. It features two separate padded changing pads which are both removable so that you can change either pad according to your baby’s needs. It also folds up easily into a convenient carrying case.

My Organic Baby Changing Mat – This changing mat is by far the best baby changing pad on the market today. It features a unique design that allows you to lay it flat when not in use and it stays flat all of the time. This means that you will always keep one hand free which is always good while feeding your baby.

The My Organic Changing Bag and Diaper Changing Table have all of the above features and they cost less than the same products with other features. They both feature a contoured exterior that provides an excellent waterproofing for babies. They both fold up and can be carried around easily as well, which is perfect if you are always going on a trip. Their changing pads are also very comfortable.

Choosing an Organic Diaper Changing Pad

Would you like to find out more about Naturepedic products and the Bumbo Baby Changing Pad? Keep reading because we’re going to cover some of the most popular features from the Naturepedic line. The first one that comes to mind when talking about these pads is the quality of the baby changing pad. With many brands you have to be extra careful about phthalate contamination, but this one seems to stay out. Other notable features include:

Non-Allergenic – Naturepedic states that their Drying Time bed is safe for use on babies. It is also non-allergenic and very easy to clean. This changing table dresser has a shelf that doubles as a storage drawer. It’s built with non-marring stainless steel spring steel casters. It has 5 compartments which can hold socks, garments, books, toys, bottles/foods and baby accessories.

Easy Cleaning – The Drying Time Pad has a removable changing mat with snap closures. It is easy to remove and clean for mommy or daddy when changing or showering baby. The pads themselves don’t contain chemicals, synthetic dyes, lanolin or any other harmful ingredients. They are also non toxic.

Durable – They’ve used them in the kitchen and on the patio. No accidents. The durable black non slip rubber pads are washable. If you have kids, there are also slip free changing pads. And because of the snap closure, your baby can be changed immediately after a meal. Organic baby changing pads are made from 100% cotton and are comfortable for baby and parents.

Cloth is All Natural – Cotton is natural fabric and doesn’t irritate the skin like other fabrics. Non chemical dyes are another advantage to choosing organic. These dyes are non toxic and safe for baby. Cloth is all natural, and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Plus, it won’t degrade over time.

Good Fabric – Organic baby changing pads are made from durable 100% cotton and have no chemicals, synthetic dyes, lanolin or other allergens. The fabric is breathable and will allow air to flow through it. A good quality organic diaper cover is made with an antibacterial agent to prevent bacteria build up. In addition, the Drying Time Pad has been treated with phytonutrient, a soil retardant. Phytonutrients protect the baby’s delicate skin from the dangers of chemical pesticides.

No Bleed – There is no need to worry about a baby bleeding while changing their diaper. An organic pad doesn’t catch any blood or leak. They are soft, comfortable and washable. Also, the material is thick enough that you won’t need extra diapers to replace when you change baby.

Easy to Use – Changing a baby’s diaper does not have to be messy. Using a pad can make life easier for both mother and child. It is easy to clean up too, because there is no residue left on the bed. Organic is eco-friendly and good for the environment. So what are you waiting for?

What Are They? Dried Blood Matting Remover pads are made from recycled paper. The ingredients used to create it include potassium phosphate, calcium carbonate and sodium sarcosinate. The Drying Time Pad is safe for use on baby’s skin and mattress.

What About Fragrances? Organic baby diaper bedding is completely non-irritating. It doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances, colorings, dyes, or preservatives. These products are naturally based, safe and healthy for your baby.

Do I Need Other Products? Organic Baby Bedding is so comfortable you and baby will love it! It comes in 22 different colors. You can find organic sheets, pillowcases, blankets and more. Organic is the most environmentally friendly option available.

When Is It Too Late? No matter how many products you purchase organic for baby, there is still an effective alternative to disposable diapers. Try using a leak proof liner in place of the disposable. This will give your baby extra protection against absorbing liquids. Using an organic diaper changing pad will reduce your baby’s exposure to toxins and chemicals and increase her overall comfort and safety.

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