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Antique Store – Should Your Backyard Store Offer Antiques?

The Fortuno was never more than a name on a marquee in Times Square. The legendary New York indoor furniture retailer, which passed along through generations of family hands to many investment groups and eventually to liquidation, came back at least in part last year with the opening of eight Backyard Stores. The name changed, but many of the stores, including the flagship store on Broadway at W. 47th St., remain the same. Many of these retail locations are so popular with tourists that they regularly outnumber the daily New York attractions. Tourists can grab an alfresco coffee from a window and view the famous Soho sights while sipping tea from a specially designed yuppie cup.

For many shoppers who love to get things that are unique, the Fortuno was an exciting opportunity. It was the first time that I had ever seen or touched an authentic Japanese teapot and it had such a flavor that I bought it, just to add that little slice of heaven to my collection. When I visited the grand opening of the eight Backyard Stores, I had the opportunity to buy a teapot made by the Japanese and to see how it is made before I buy one myself.

I love teapots, so I was thrilled when I saw this unique teapot in an ad for the Fortuno. I have seen pictures of the original Japanese garden teapots that are sold in traditional Japanese gardens. These teapots are smaller and are filled with water. In many gardens, these backyard store locations are where the guests go after having a picnic, especially if there are lots of guests. Since I love Japanese teapots, I knew I could find one at the new location.

The ad promised the best selection of Japanese teapots, with a large variety in japanese garden pots and planters, plus “authentic Japonica furniture. My first thought was that the word backyard store was just another way of saying high end backyard furniture. But I didn’t take the bait, and I looked around to make sure the quality furniture at the store was of good quality. There were some really nice Amish furniture pieces that caught my eye, so I continued my search.

After doing a little bit of online research, I learned that the “Fortuno” brand of teapots was actually a Japanese name that simply meant pot. A pot was not an appropriate name for a teapot in a backyard store locations, but luckily I found a “Fortuno” that was the correct name. Another nice thing about the Fortuno brand is that they sell many other types of Japanese teapots, as well as garden pots and planters.

Another interesting find was a small-sized cabinet with a metal oxide glaze. I suppose if the kitchen cabinets of the past had glazes this would be an appropriate use, but I was not able to determine which type of glaze this cabinet had. But it was intriguing, and it looked like it would be a good addition to any kitchen. The “Fortuno” cabinet seemed more suited to a “Fortuno NJ” display than any other uses, including a “Fortuno NYC” display.

I also found some nice chairs from the “Fortuno” collection, along with a few other interesting chairs from “Fortuno” stores. A few interesting finds were a wicker rocking chair and a small sofa table. Again, these may not have been originally purchased at a “Fortuno” store, but they definitely fit into the “Fortuno” theme. And, since backyard stores often feature furniture or decor matching a particular apartment, these items could have easily been added to any number of stores.

One other thing that struck me was the variety of seating items. Besides the standard wooden barstools, lounge chairs, and small side tables, the “Fortuno” store offered up a wide array of colorful lounge chairs, folding chairs, beanbag seats, lounge pillows, foot stools, and even ottomans. With all of the different options available to me, I think I enjoyed my visit more than if I had just walked into a department store; and the selection of backyard entertaining chairs helped me to enjoy my visit more.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Purchasing Tips

The owner of Fortunoff Backyard Store has always boasted that they stock the best stuff on the market and that’s why customers return time again. I’m not surprised one bit! Outdoor furniture is a hot product in this recession and this company is definitely catering to the outdoor furniture consumer. This company is located in Centre County, New York just east of Lancaster County.

Fairless Hills, Pa., is a small town with a population of about thirty-two thousand. Fortunoff Backyard Store was founded by Jack O’Brien. Jack has been a professional deck builders for fifteen years and was looking for a way to bring customers into his store. He knew that people would come to his store if he had a fantastic outdoor patio or deck. So, when he decided to open an outdoor patio he decided to name it Fortunoff Backyard Store because it gave him a “backyard” feel.

There are several different stores that offer outdoor furniture. Each one seems to be specializing in a different type of material like plastic or metal and other types of wicker furniture. So, you will need to decide what your specific needs are before visiting these stores.

The patio furniture at Fairless Hills is made from a high-quality resin material. The patio at the store is covered in terra cotta tile. There are over one hundred and fifty models of outdoor furniture. The store also carries a wide variety of accessories including benches, canopies, umbrellas, tables and steamer chairs. This store sells everything you could imagine for backyard decor including: hammocks, planters, outdoor lamps, garden gloves, gardening gear, and yard toys.

Patio Furniture Direct has all-weather wicker furniture, accessories and patio furniture. The store has well designed displays. The store also offers reasonable prices for all-weather products. They have patio furniture, loungers, chairs, tables, loveseats, Adirondack chairs, stools, chaise lounges and swings.

In addition to the above mentioned stores there is also Bay Pointe Furniture Outlet. Bay Pointe Furniture Outlet sells an extensive selection of outdoor patio furniture. The stores are located in Burbank, CA. You can visit the stores at various times of the year, but the best time to visit is in the Spring when they have new inventory. You can also look through the catalogues for new items that they might add to their inventory.

If you are searching for a new set of patio chairs or tables, you can find great deals at Lowes or Home Depot. They are two excellent stores to shop at. However if you are looking for high quality products, you should definitely check out the brands mentioned above. These brands will usually give you a better value for your money because of their reputation.

You can save money if you buy a bunch of products from one place. Discounts are another great way to save money on your purchases. So take advantage of all the discounts that these stores offer and you can purchase all of the outdoor furniture that you want at a great price.

If you are shopping for outdoor patio furniture that will be used for the summer months, then consider purchasing inflatable furniture. There are many companies that make these products and you can find a good selection at any outdoor patio furniture store. Most of these items are inflatable so you won’t have any trouble filling them up with water or using them in the rain. They are also quite durable and can withstand most weather elements.

When it comes to outdoor patio furniture, there are two different options to consider. You can choose between fixed or removable patio tables and chairs. Fixed outdoor patio furniture is generally heavier and is made to be stored away until you need to use it again. This type of outdoor patio furniture is quite attractive and you will find that most people prefer this option.

On the other hand, when you are purchasing removable outdoor furniture, you will take full control over where it will go. This type of furniture is much lighter than fixed pieces and can easily be stored in a small space. However, it is important to note that this furniture does not provide protection from the weather. It is recommended that you purchase weatherproof chairs and tables. You can find these items at most outdoor furniture stores.

Once you have chosen what type of outdoor patio furniture you are interested in, you will need to think about seating options. Seating is an important part of any outdoor patio furniture purchase so you will want to do your homework before heading out to the store. Consider what types of chairs and tables are comfortable and stylish. You also want to find tables and chairs that are durable as well as stylish. If you are shopping online, you can easily compare prices and styles to make your decision.

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