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The Asian Store Near Me That Offers Gourmet Foods From All Over the World

There are many wonderful Asian stores in the Philippines and a particular favorite is the one near me in Gigan Bay. I have been there for almost two years now and have fallen in love with this place. The fresh fish is very fresh, the prices are very reasonable, and the food is very satisfying. From Chinese to Japanese to frozen foods, you can get everything at very good prices here and it is really a great treat for all of us who love eating good food. Let me share a brief description of some of the marvelous Asian products that you can buy at the Gigan Bay Asian Store.

My favorite asian near me is the Shrimp Parfait at level one. This dish comes in four parts including the shrimp, the avocado, the sesame oil, and the egg white. It is served on a bed of mixed greens and served with asian style dipping sauce. The ingredients used are fresh vegetables such as the carrots and the asparagus and an assortment of seafood such as the shrimps, chicken, crab meat, and sweetfish.

Level three is the famous chicken lo mein which is prepared with tender roasted chicken breast that is covered in thick gravy and served with a fragrant sauce made from ginger, garlic and lemon. In addition, you can also order the Spare Ribs which is boneless spare ribs marinated in tangy peanut butter, black pepper, and sesame oil. It comes in six delicious flavors such as Bamboo, Bang, Cappuccino, Mocha, Maple, and Golden. Another great dish is the Fried Catfish which is prepared with tender fillet mahi-mahi and is served with a spicy mango sauce. For dessert, you can also order a variety of cookies and cakes as well as the Asian inspired ice cream called Panna Cotta.

Level two on the Asian store list is the Chicken Lo Mein which is prepared with tender chunks of chicken and a tangy broth. Another is the General Tso Chicken which is made from chicken breast, broccoli, and onions and comes in three delightful flavors. The Yellow Sunflower Soy Chicken is made with tofu and flash fried. The Orange Rain Tea Chicken is made with almond paste and green tea and is very popular in Singapore. The last is the Hot and Spicy Duck which is made with crispy golden crunch tofu and served with ginger and garlic.

Level one on the Asian store list is the standard chicken burger which is made from skirt steak and served with a tangy green onion sauce. Level two is the traditional Chinese bacon burger that is made with boneless chicken breasts and comes with a spicy broccoli sauce. Level three is the Thai chicken burger which is made with boneless thighs and is garnished with coconut oil and peanuts. The last is the Japanese soy burger which is made from boneless tofu and broccoli. All of these are served with a spicy red sauce.

At level four on the Asian store list is the traditional roasted pork fried rice which is made from cut up pieces of spare ribs. I was given three servings and each was served with their own individual seasoning as well as their choice of side dish. The waitress informed me that she was expecting about four people but they were so full she could only prepare the bare minimum. I guess if you want to impress your friends then you’ll go all out for the spare ribs.

Level five on the Asian store list is the savory sticky rice roll which is made from wheat flour and shrimp paste. I was given two servings of the chicken fried scallops and one serving of the honey spare rib tips. I really had a tough time trying to eat them both because of their different flavors. I’m not usually one for spicy food but the honey spare rib tips were way too spicy for my taste.

The Asian store near me also offered Thai and Japanese food. I tried the white fish curry which had a sweet and sour mix in it and the ginger crab meat stick which was prepared using ginger, garlic, scallions, cumin, coriander, and fenugreek. I wasn’t able to make out the difference in the taste between these dishes. I didn’t try any of their sushi because they don’t serve it there and it would have been extremely hard for me to judge any difference in taste.

Three Asian Restaurants in London

Have you heard of Asian stores near you? You might have tried one or more, particularly Asian food restaurants. It’s a great experience. The food tastes good, the prices are affordable, and you can save a lot of money compared to what your local grocer charges.

I have lived in California for quite a while now. In the past, I’ve always wanted to try asian food as often as possible. And, conveniently, I live in California. I didn’t really have an easy access to any asian market. But, a friend of mine introduced me to the asian market online.

I ordered the Peking Duck, shrimp cocktail, and beef with vegetables. I was surprised by the quality of Peking Duck. It came out with some red meat without too much of the oily coating. The shrimp cocktail was also excellent. The beef with vegetables was not only asian but very healthy as well.

Of course, the Peking Duck and spare ribs are asian staples, but the chicken and BBQ chicken lo mein was very unique. I wasn’t expecting to eat asian food so spicy. In fact, my asian supermarket online ordered the exact same asian dish for me; the Lo Mein with BBQ chicken, and we did not even exchange addresses.

The asian supermarket online gave me an address of another interesting asian market nearby. I ordered BBQ pork fried rice and beef with vegetables. I was expecting to get asian food similar to the Peking Duck, or perhaps sweet and sour pork. But to my surprise, they gave me roast pork fried rice and beef with vegetables as a side. It was delicious!

The roast pork was lightly flavoured and had a nice texture, not as oily as I expected. The asian supermarket online also provided me another delicious entree, this time from their general tso section: General Tao’s chicken with egg foo Young. I was expecting egg cooked in a spicy brown sauce, but surprisingly, egg cooked in a thick soy sauce and hot chili sauce. Both are asian favorites, but the asian restaurant’s version had me in love. The egg foo young was lightly cooked, and there was a nice tangy and saltyiness to it, as well as the normal sweetness of a white egg.

The asian supermarket online also had another entree I would recommend to anyone looking to try chicken asian cuisine: General Tao’s chicken wing (4 servings). I’d actually first tried this when I was in Singapore, and back then, I wasn’t as familiar with asian food as I am now. This dish is made from an asian inspired beef and egg loaf with vegetables as a side. It was delicious as it is, and definitely worth checking out as a side dish for your next meal.

All in all, I must say that the Asian store near me had some of the best Asian food I’ve had in London. I got to sample some really good stuff, and I’m sure if I were to visit asian restaurants in the UK, I’d never go anywhere else. The prices are also very competitive, which adds to the reason as to why you should visit an Asian food store near you.

My favorite asian restaurant in London is called “Leela Cangiroli” (The Clam Omelette) located in Beckenham. The atmosphere is extremely welcoming as the waiters bring you your food and it is served with such a wonderful flavor and texture that you’ll be tempted to keep coming back. The restaurant is very small, but that makes its food even tastier. The menu is very traditional Chinese, as are most restaurants in London, but it also has some other interesting dishes that are not as common as your traditional chicken finger or fried chicken wing (4.25). My favorite was their crab and oyster pancake with vegetable salad.

I’d like to name two other places as my favorite Asian restaurant in London that you should check out. One is called “Zippy” in Beckenham and it’s located at Nursery Road as the name suggests, it’s very tiny and it’s definitely a place that doesn’t have a huge menu, but it does have a few good dishes on it. They have a very unique take on an American lunchtime favorite called the chicken finger, which is as above but this time it’s served with some nice Japanese batter and a pickled ginger beef. I also found a place in London that serves a very unique take on sweet and sour chicken which is absolutely delicious as well as being very spicy and sour.

I hope this short article helps you determine what’s best between those three different Asian restaurants in London. As always you should try as much as possible when you’re planning an Asian meal, but if you truly can’t stomach that spicy chicken wing (4.25), then make sure you don’t eat anything else as you may end up regretting it later on. There are plenty of very good restaurants in London that serve excellent food and they all have great food specials as well as prices, so you should definitely explore your options as much as possible. I especially enjoyed trying out fried crab meat stick as it came along with some fresh celery. It was a very tasty dish and came with a sauce that I loved as well.

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