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Annielan Chalk Paint Paris – An Online Article About the Benefits of Annielan Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan is well known as an artist who works in the Chicago area. Her chalk paint has won a number of national and international awards including the prestigious Turner Prize. Yet, one of the paintings that really caught my attention was the “Chalk Paint” from the Sprints of America show. This is one of the more colorful and vibrant pieces from the series. It features a number of different colors blended together on a large palette. It features deep greys and earthy tones that give the overall effect of being quite dark.

Annie is known to create paintings that are filled with color and life. That is quite apparent in this painting. Each color is featured in its own swirls as the different hues mix and dance together on the palette. There are many different shades from deep blues to vibrant greens that are featured. You can even see small pebbles of off-white throughout the painting.

In the “Chalk Paint” series, Annies favorite colors were always greys and beiges. It was only right then that she decided to mix it up a little bit and do a variation on that color scheme. She used blues mixed with beiges mixed with pinks. These new combinations allowed her to get even more creative with the design and placement of these tiny beads. There is even more than meets the eye in this painting as the light reflects off the various colors creating lovely shadows.

The grey and white version of the painting is reminiscent of the old world sidewalk chalk signs you would see when walking through the streets of New York. You can see the signature scribbles and the names of people that have passed you on your way. It reminds me a bit of the old sidewalk signs that my parents used to have outside their home and I would stare at for hours, trying to remember who wrote what… who lived across the street and so forth. So much fun and so much nostalgia.

Another famous painting that is featured in “Chalk Paint” is called, “The Night Portrait” by Annie Sloan. This painting is like nothing you’ve ever seen before in an American art painting. This one features a large black and white background, a charcoal gray on the portrait of a man lying on a couch in a bar, a very large white bow on the front of the couch, the words, “Good night” in chalk on the wall behind him, and two small figurines on either side of him.

This painting also features one of the most famous colors in existence, and that is, a magenta. It is so intense and so rich, that you can almost feel the depth and weight of this color when you gaze upon it. The phrase, “A picture paints a thousand words”, really does not do this color justice. This is a very big picture. This canvas will really make you think, and really enjoy the painting.

I actually have seen this particular painting many times when I have driven through busy cities, and have caught a glimpse of people reading the daily paper as they cruise by. Some are avid art collectors, while others are just plain lovers of the art and what it has to offer. So, it comes as no surprise that this portrait would be featured in an online article about the benefits of Annielan chalk paint. One benefit, is that this art is available at affordable prices to most everyone, and is not only used in the US, but all over the world. That alone should be enough for any art enthusiast to get this painting and start enjoying the benefits right away.

If you have not had the pleasure of owning one of these paintings, then it is time that you did. It is a genuine piece of art, and will truly turn your home into a place of beauty, relaxation, and inspiration. I know I have a few of these portraits hanging on my wall, and am constantly inspired by them. So, if you are ready to take your passion for the art to the next level, then you need to look into an Annielan chalk Paint Paris Painting. These portraits are going to take your wall art to the next level!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Greyhound

When the greyhound was painted by the famous British artist, Alice Stewart, she looked like a beautiful greyhound on the canvas. The grey pigment was applied generously on the canvas so that the greyhound looked as if he or she were alive and was being viewed by an attentive viewer. The painting of the greyhound was done in a single, continuous stroke which gave it great depth and an appearance of brushstrokes. The work of art was called Annies Boat painting and was hung in the Sotheby Museum of Art in London. The painting of the greyhound is one of only a handful of paintings that are still existent today.

The work of art was inspired by the true story of the greyhounds. In 1875, a young greyhound named Richard Hamilton was sold to a dog trader in London. The owner treated the dog terribly and it was given little comfort in its surroundings. Soon, however, it became ill and suffered from terrible infections and its eyesight gradually faded away.

After trying to improve the poor condition of its eyes, the owner purchased a young greyhound called Annies and brought her to London from England to live at the RHS Animal Hospital. When she arrived at the animal hospital, it was told that the poor creature could not have survived in the climate of London without its ‘owners.’ It was determined that the painting should be done by an American and the first picture was the result of this research.

After the painting was complete, the picture was sent to the American painter, Ellen DeGeneres who had come from New York to Paris, France to take a break during her marriage. She decided to use the same colours that had been used in the painting – dark blue/grey and white. The look was a very dramatic contrast and people who saw the painting thought that it looked like a picture taken straight from the pages of a sci-fi movie. Ellen was not a huge fan of dogs but she had a passion for painting and she fell in love with the look of the greyhound.

She told people that she actually fancied a greyhound and got to know the artist that worked on it. It turned out that it was the right choice because the look like the Chihuahua she had seen on TV. It was a great feeling to know that she had made such a connection with the work that was done on the canvas. People were enchanted with the beautiful look that came out of the canvas.

A painting like this one has the ability to grab the attention of everyone that sees it. People tend to think of dogs as having a more playful look than a greyhound but to an artist like Ellen DeGeneres, greyhounds can be very expressive. They can express feelings like joy and happiness, even pain and sorrow. It is said that dogs are basically just hunting machines, but when they are able to make others feel something, it makes them more human in some way.

You don’t have to own a greyhound to appreciate the beauty that this painting has to offer. It is a very pretty painting and a lot of fun to look at. The greyhound that is on the canvas is a true representation of what dogs are capable of portraying. There is a lot of beauty and personality in the canine world that is not shown to the full. It can be hard sometimes to appreciate all the different aspects of dogs if you don’t have any experience with them.

That is why you should take the time to check out the paintings that are available on the site. You will find many that are original and some that are art that someone else has designed. If you enjoy both you should purchase them from the site. The price is right and the shipping is fast. Get the Annie Sloan chalk paint Paris Greyhound on your wall today.

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