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World-Class Treatment Quality

Our Doctors are the best in all treatment centers in Iran. We provide you with expert doctors and specialists in their field to ensure the perfect results to give you a good experience, with the follow-up service to reach the  final result you are looking for.

Affordable Costs

Magic is here! You will get excellent treatment result with low price. And magic is that quality of Our doctors by far is among the top doctors of Europe and USA.

24/7 Support

Our team will provide you with 24/7 service when you come to Iran. We will try our best to give you pleasant journey to Iran.

Zero Waiting List

Everything will be scheduled by our team and your treatment starts on time without any delay.


Rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty in Iran

Breast augmentation in Iran

Breast augmentation in Iran

Butt Lift in Iran

Butt Lift in Iran

Ear Surgery in Iran

Ear Surgery in Iran


Gastric Bypass in Iran

Gastric Sleeve in Iran

Gastric Sleeve in Iran


Hair Transplant in Iran

Hair Transplant in Iran


Dental Implant in Iran

Dental Implant in Iran

Hollywood Smile in Iran

Hollywood Smile in Iran

what clients say about our services

I am really satisfied with the service I received from PerfectMedTour.

I came to Iran this year. From start to End of my trip, PerfectMedTour customer center, helped me a lot. My treatment was excellent and I am happy now. Really amazing job done.Thank you PerfectMedTour.

Everything was perfect. I recommend this medical tour to every one who want high quality treatment with no problem.

I want to say that i came here in Autumn. This service was one of the best services I have experienced during these years. I really want to thank from PerfectMedTour because treatment completed on time, with high quality and on schedule.

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